Salcombe Maritime Museum

 A veritable treasure trove of Salcombe’s maritime past…  

    The ‘Young Sailors’ Corner

    Passing Messages on Land and Sea
    In this small room is a collection of hands-on models and equipment which demonstrate how messages were passed on land to warn of enemy invasion or passed from ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore before the invention of radio and ‘texting’.

    Children love lighting the Armada Beacons and sending messages in morse code or semaphore.

    Pirate Treasure!
    The Pirate’s Treasure Chest is full of pieces of eight, cutlasses, pistols, and pirate’s costumes for the kids to dress up in.

    They may have seen ‘Pirates’ of the Caribbean’ but here’s their chance to join that infamous and dreaded band known as the ‘Pirates’ of Salcombe’!

    Young Sailor's Corner