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    Wreck and Rescue on the South Hams Coast

    May 17, 2022 | 0 comments

    Another local history booklet has been added to the Maritime History Resources page on the museum’s website. The twenty dramatic wrecks and rescues listed below are described and illustrated.  You can download the pdf file for free.

    1. Lady Young, Bantham, 27th October 1880
    2. Louis Sheid, Leas Foot, Thurlestone, 8th December 1939
    3. Blesk, Greystone, Bolt Tail, 1st December 1896
    4. Jebba, Graystone Ledge, Bolt Tail, 18th March 1907
    6. Halloween, Soar Mill Cove, 17th January 1887
    7. Herzogin Cecilie, Ham Stone, Soar Mill Cove 25th April 1936
    8. Cantabria, Steeple Cove, Bolt Head, 13th December 1932
    9. Amelie Suzanne, Off Cove Point, near Bolt Head,1st April 1972
    10. Liberta, Little Mewstone, Bolt Head, 15th February 1926
    11. William & Emma, The Salcombe Lifeboat Disaster, 27th October 1916
    12. HM Hospital Ship Asturias, Eelstone, 20th March 1917
    13. Benmohr, Prawle Point, 25th February 1931
    14. Demetrios, Prawle Point, 18th December 1992
    15. Heye-P, The Island, Prawle Point, 16th December 1979
    16. Yvette, near Langerstone Point, Prawle 12th March 1978
    17. Friars Craig, Lannacombe Cove 31st October 1972
    18. Spirit of the Ocean, Foxhole Cove, Start Point, 23rd March 1866
    19. Janet C, Start Point, 8th January 1992
    20. SS Medina, Start Bay, 28th April 1917


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