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    76 objects donated to our collection by the National Trust

    Mar 11, 2021 | 0 comments

    76 objects of local historic interest, including the Restless painting above, have been kindly donated to us by the National Trust at Overbecks. They were previously on display in the Maritime Room at Overbecks but were transferred to us during the winter months to allow the Maritime Room to be transformed into a splendid Edwardian Drawing Room.

    Amongst the new objects now on display in the Maritime Museum are ship paintings and models, the captain’s chair from the wreck of the Louis Sheid in 1939, items from the Herzogin Cecilie wreck in 1936, a set of whaling harpoons and many personal items which once belonged to Salcombe sea captains.


    76 objects

    The Kingsbridge-built brigantine Restless. Painting by Rueben Chappell


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