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    Christine Milton takes the Chair

    Aug 9, 2021 | 0 comments

    At the Salcombe Museum Society’s recent AGM Christine Milton was unanimously elected as Chair. Christine, who is also the museum’s Education Officer, is a local lass who grew up hearing tales of local shipwrecks from her parents who owned Kingsbridge Watersports, a dive charter business running out of Salcombe. Her first dive was on the Herzogin Cecile when she was not much older than ten. During her school holidays, and for the first few years after leaving school she worked at Traditional Sail at Lincombe Boatyard, where she learnt traditional boat repair techniques.

    Christine then went on to study a BSc in Ocean Science at Plymouth University, an MSc in Geoarchaeology and PhD in Archaeology with Soil Science at Reading University. Three years ago she moved back to Malborough after working in commercial archaeology. Christine started volunteering at the museum whilst still living in Reading, initially as a steward and helping with various projects when she could. Her previous volunteer posts include the education department at the Natural History Museum and, having also gained a teaching qualification along the way, she is keen to develop the museum’s role as a valuable educational and cultural resource in the local community.



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